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Kinetochores accelerate centrosome separation to ensure faithful chromosome segregation

McHedlishvili, Nunu
Wieser, Samuel
Holtackers, René
Mouysset, Julien
Belwal, Mukta
Amaro, Ana C
Published in Journal of Cell Science. 2012, vol. 125, no. Pt 4, p. 906-18
Abstract At the onset of mitosis, cells need to break down their nuclear envelope, form a bipolar spindle and attach the chromosomes to microtubules via kinetochores. Previous studies have shown that spindle bipolarization can occur either before or after nuclear envelope breakdown. In the latter case, early kinetochore-microtubule attachments generate pushing forces that accelerate centrosome separation. However, until now, the physiological relevance of this prometaphase kinetochore pushing force was unknown. We investigated the depletion phenotype of the kinetochore protein CENP-L, which we find to be essential for the stability of kinetochore microtubules, for a homogenous poleward microtubule flux rate and for the kinetochore pushing force. Loss of this force in prometaphase not only delays centrosome separation by 5-6 minutes, it also causes massive chromosome alignment and segregation defects due to the formation of syntelic and merotelic kinetochore-microtubule attachments. By contrast, CENP-L depletion has no impact on mitotic progression in cells that have already separated their centrosomes at nuclear envelope breakdown. We propose that the kinetochore pushing force is an essential safety mechanism that favors amphitelic attachments by ensuring that spindle bipolarization occurs before the formation of the majority of kinetochore-microtubule attachments.
Keywords Cell Cycle Proteins/deficiency/metabolismCentrosome/metabolismChromosome SegregationHeLa CellsHumansKinetochores/metabolismM Phase Cell Cycle CheckpointsMicrotubule-Associated Proteins/deficiency/metabolismMicrotubules/metabolismMitotic Spindle Apparatus/metabolismNuclear Envelope/metabolismPrometaphase
PMID: 22399803
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Research group Groupe Meraldi Patrick (physiologie cellulaire et métabolisme) (922)
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MCHEDLISHVILI, Nunu et al. Kinetochores accelerate centrosome separation to ensure faithful chromosome segregation. In: Journal of Cell Science, 2012, vol. 125, n° Pt 4, p. 906-18. doi: 10.1242/jcs.091967

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