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Overview of the last 5 documents deposited in the Archive
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Synaptic remodeling at the heart of memory processes De Roo, Mathias 2020-11-27 18:14
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A Cross-Sectional Retrospective Study of Non-Splenectomized and Never-Treated Patients with Type 1 Gaucher Disease De Roux Serratrice, Christine; Stirnemann, Jérôme; Berrahal, Amina; Belmatoug, Nadia; ... Berger, Marc G 2020-11-27 18:03
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Splenic Artery Aneurysms, A Rare Complication of Type 1 Gaucher Disease: Report of Five Cases De Roux Serratrice, Christine; Cox, Timothy M; Leguy-Seguin, Vanessa; Morris, Elizabeth; ... Belmatoug, Nadia 2020-11-27 17:57
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Immunoglobulin Abnormalities in Gaucher Disease: an Analysis of 278 Patients Included in the French Gaucher Disease Registry Nguyen, Yann; Stirnemann, Jérôme; Lautredoux, Florent; Cador, Bérengère; ... Belmatoug, Nadia 2020-11-27 17:47
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Coagulation Parameters in Adult Patients With Type-1 Gaucher Disease De Roux Serratrice, Christine; Cherin, Patrick; Lidove, Olivier; Noel, Esther; ... Maillot, Francois 2020-11-27 17:35