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Overview of the last 5 documents deposited in the Archive
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The persistent illusion of using coronary angiography alone to guide decision-making for myocardial revascularization Cimci, Murat; Degrauwe, Sophie; Iglesias, Juan Fernando 2022-05-25 13:57
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New cardiovascular prevention guidelines: How to optimally manage dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular risk in 2021 in patients needing secondary prevention? Atar, Dan; Jukema, J Wouter; Molemans, Bart; Taub, Pam R; ... Bonaca, Marc P 2022-05-25 13:53
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Reduced adrenal stress response in patients on PCSK9 inhibitor therapy Meier, Simon; Frick, Marcel; Liu, Michael; Saeedi Saravi, Seyed Soheil; ... Beer, Jürg H 2022-05-25 13:44
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Ethnic comparison in takotsubo syndrome: novel insights from the International Takotsubo Registry Imori, Yoichi; Kato, Ken; Cammann, Victoria L; Szawan, Konrad A; ... Templin, Christian 2022-05-25 13:36
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Butyrophilin 2A: putative checkpoint regulator turned novel plasma cell antigen Trottet, Louise Rachel 2022-05-25 13:18