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The effect of dynamic light regimes on Chlorella

Kroon, Bernd M. A.
Latasa, Mikel
Mur, Luuc R.
Published in Hydrobiologia. 1992, vol. 238, no. 1, p. 71-78
Abstract The patterns of diurnal variations in pigmentation and optical cross-section were compared for two cyclostat cultures of Chlorella pyrenoidosa, where the dynamics of the photoperiod differed. Populations were light-limited, nutrient rich and growing on an 8: 16 light-dark (LD) cycle. One light regime was an 8 h sine function of the light period (sinusoidal culture), while the second had an 1 h sine function Super-imposed on the 8 hour sine function (oscillating sinusoidal culture). Hourly samples were taken throughout a 12 h period including the light period. Determinations were made of chlorophyll (Chl) a and b abundance, in vivo absorption spectra, cell number and volume and used to derive both cell-specific (sigma-cell) and optical chlorophyll specific (sigma-chl) cross sections, as well as the absorption efficiency, Q, of the cells. The results indicate that C. pyrenoidosa is capable of adapting to dynamics in light intensity within an 8 h photoperiod. The sinusoidal culture showed a constant decrease in the Chl a/b ratio of 28% while the total Chl content per cell increased slightly and sigma-chl and Q remained constant, suggesting coordinated changes in reaction centers and light harvesting complexes. Over the oscillating photoperiod, however, the second culture displayed a diurnal variation in Chl a/b ratio, a 20% increase in sigma-chl and an apparent oscillation in Q. These observations suggest that an oscillating photoperiod promoted the capability of Chl moleCuleS to collect light and that the fractional area of all Chl molecules exposed to the photon flux is inversely related to the photon flux.
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KROON, Bernd M. A. et al. The effect of dynamic light regimes on Chlorella. In: Hydrobiologia, 1992, vol. 238, n° 1, p. 71-78.

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