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Se nourrir en haute montagne aux XIIIe et XIVe siècles. Le village de Brandes (Huez-Isère) : apports comparés de l'archéologie, des textes, de l'archéobotanique et de l'anthropologie

Publié dansHistoire des Alpes, vol. 2008, no. 13, p. 83-98
Date de publication2008

The archaeological site of Brandes provides us with a rather extraordinary opportunity to study the development of a mediaeval mining village very high up in the mountains of Oisans (French Alps) during two centuries. It is very unusual for excavations to present an image of an entire agglomerate in the final moments of its activity, which is associated with the population buried in the village churchyard. The aim of our paper is to build a summary picture of the typical diet of the miners' community of Brandes based on a diversified set of data, including archaeological remains, faunal bones, botanical records as well as the anthropological series excavated since 1979. First, through the analysis of archaeological remains and faunal bones we draw a possible picture of victual provisions and eating habits for the Brandes community. Secondly, results of carpological tests on macro-remains sampled in different locations of the site allow us to formulate hypotheses concerning the kinds of vegetables consumed and/or cultivated. Thirdly, using dental and alveolar remains, we focus on the type of food gathered by humans in order to reconstruct their past dietary behaviour.

  • alpes
  • archéobotanique
  • anthropologie
  • isotopes
  • histoirre
  • archéologie
  • mines
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BAILLY-MAÎTRE, Marie-Christine et al. Se nourrir en haute montagne aux XIIIe et XIVe siècles. Le village de Brandes (Huez-Isère) : apports comparés de l’archéologie, des textes, de l’archéobotanique et de l’anthropologie. In: Histoire des Alpes, 2008, vol. 2008, n° 13, p. 83–98.
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