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  • Lower extremity arterial disease perspective : IUA consensus document on "lead management". Part 1
    Antignani, Pier LuigiGargiulo, MauroGastaldi, Giacomo Gianni GiuseppeJawien, ArkadiuszMansilha, ArmandoPoredos, Pavel
    Département de médecine
  • Enhancing identification and treatment of patients with concomitant chronic venous insufficiency and diabetes mellitus. A modified Delphi study from the CODAC (ChrOnic venous disease and Diabetes Advisory Council) group
    Bozkurt, Ahmet K.Van Rijn, Marie J.Bouskela, ElieteGastaldi, Giacomo Gianni GiuseppeGlauser, FrédéricHaller, HermannRosas-Saucedo, JuanZingg, DanielCalabrese, AlessandraRabe, EberhardMansilha, Armando
    Département de médecine
  • Swiss recommendations of the Society for Endocrinology and Diabetes (SGED/SSED) for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (2023)
    Gastaldi, Giacomo Gianni GiuseppeLucchini, BarbaraThalmann, SebastienAlder, StephanieLaimer, MarkusBrändle, MichaelWiesli, PeterLehmann, RogerWorking group of the SGED/SSED
    Département de médecine
  • Clinical Consequences of Metformin-Associated Vitamin B12 Deficiency Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
    Galtier, FlorenceGastaldi, Giacomo Gianni GiuseppeMura, ThibaudSultan, ArianePiot, ChristopheCristol, Jean-PaulMacioce, ValérieMariano-Goulart, DenisRenard, EricDupuy, Anne-MarieAvignon, Antoine
  • Knowledge and practice attitudes regarding the relationship between diabetes and periodontitis : a survey among Swiss endocrinologists and general physicians
    Chatzaki, NataliaZekeridou, AlkistiParoz, Elsa MarieGastaldi, Giacomo Gianni GiuseppeGiannopoulou, Catherine
    Département de médecine, Division de paradontologie
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