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The [Fe(etz)6](BF4)2 Spin-Crossover System - Part One: HS-LS Transition on Two Lattice Sites

Gütlich, Philipp
Hinek, Roland
Spiering, Hartmut
Schollmeyer, Dieter
Published in Chemistry. 1996, vol. 2, no. 11, p. 1427-1434
Abstract The [Fe(etz),](BF,), spin-cross-over system (etz = 1-ethyl-1 H-tetrazole) crystallizes in space group P1, with the following lattice constants at 298 K: a 10.419(3), b=15.709(1), c = 18.890(2) Å = = 71.223(9), =77.986(10), and = 84.62(1)° V = 2862.0(9) Å3 and Z = 3. Two nonequivalent lattice sites, one without (site A) and one with (site B) inversion symmetry, are observed. The population of the two sites nA:nB is 2:l. Iron(II) on site A undergoes a thermal low-spin (LS) high-spin (HS) transition with T1/2I, = 105 K. whereas that on site B remains in the high-spin state down to cryogenic temperatures. Application of external pressure of up to 1200 bar between 200 and 60 K does not cause formation of the low-spin state on site B. On site A the high-spin state can be populated as a metastable state at 20 K by irradiating the sample with = 514.5 nm; on site B a light-induced population of the low-spin state can be achieved with = 820 nm.
Keywords Iron complexesLIESSTSpin crossoverTetrazoles
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Research group Groupe Hauser
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HAUSER, Andreas et al. The [Fe(etz)6](BF4)2 Spin-Crossover System - Part One: HS-LS Transition on Two Lattice Sites. In: Chemistry, 1996, vol. 2, n° 11, p. 1427-1434. doi: 10.1002/chem.19960021115 https://archive-ouverte.unige.ch/unige:2978

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