Update a Submission

Archive ouvert UNIGE is a long-term electronic archival storage which preserves your documents on a permanent basis. This means that a deposited document cannot be removed or modified. However, it is possible to make it less visible, to modify the bibliographic record and/or to add another version of the document.

If you wish to point out a mistake in a bibliographic record or link a full text with an existing record :

  • Display the record
  • Click on the link "Update request"
  • Specify the corrections and/or add the file to the message
  • Send the email

Usually, corrections will be made within one or two days.

Update the personal name/firstname of a UNIGE collaborator

Name/firstname of collaborators are extracted from the human resources database. They can be modified as mentioned in the procedure of the memento.

When noticing an error in his/her name, an author can contact the Human Resources and ask for the appropriate amendment.

Once the corrections done, please come back to us so that we can update our records.