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Thermodynamics, Structure and Properties of Polynuclear Lanthanide Complexes with a Tripodal Ligand: Insight into their Self-Assembly Hamacek, Joséf; Besnard, Céline; Penhouet, Tiphaine; Morgantini, Pierre-Yves 2011
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Reactivity of Copper(I) Complexes with Tripodal Ligands towards O2: Structures of a Precursor [L3CuI(NCCH3)](BF4), L3 = Tris(3-isopropyl-4,5-trimethylenepyrazolyl)methane and of its Oxidation Product [L3CuII(-OH)2CuIIL3](BF4)2 with Strong Antiferromagnetic Spin-Spin Coupling Kaim, Wolfgang; Titze, Christoph; Schurr, Thilo; Sieger, Monika; ... Manzur, Jorge 2005