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Efomycine M, a new specific inhibitor of selectin, impairs leukocyte adhesion and alleviates cutaneous inflammation Schon, Michael P.; Krahn, Thomas; Schon, Margarete; Rodriguez, Maria-L; ... Boehncke, Wolf-Henning 2002
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Structure and characterization of the glycan moiety of L-amino-acid oxidase from the Malayan pit viper Calloselasma rhodostoma Geyer, A; Fitzpatrick, Thérésa Bridget; Pawelek, P D; Kitzing, K; ... Macheroux, P 2001
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Role of galactosylation in the renal pathogenicity of murine immunoglobulin G3 monoclonal cryoglobulins Mizuochi, Tsuguo; Pastore, Yves; Shikata, K.; Kuroki, Aki; ... Izui, Shozo 2001