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Fast Afucosylation Profiling of Glycoengineered Antibody Subunits by Middle-Up Mass Spectrometry Wagner-Rousset, Elsa; Colas, Olivier; Chenu, Stéphane; François, Yannis-Nicolas; ... Beck, Alain 2021
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State-of-the-Art Native Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility Methods to Monitor Homogeneous Site-Specific Antibody-Drug Conjugates Synthesis Deslignière, Evolène; Ehkirch, Anthony; Duivelshof, Bastiaan; Toftevall, Hanna; ... Cianférani, Sarah 2021
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Glycan-Mediated Technology for Obtaining Homogeneous Site-Specific Conjugated Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Synthesis and Analytical Characterization by Using Complementary Middle-up LC/HRMS Analysis Duivelshof, Bastiaan; Deslignière, Evolène; Hernandez-Alba, Oscar; Ehkirch, Anthony; ... D'Atri, Valentina 2020