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CGI-58 knockdown sequesters diacylglycerols in lipid droplets/ER-preventing diacylglycerol-mediated hepatic insulin resistance Cantley, Jennifer L; Yoshimura, Toru; Camporez, Joao Paulo G; Zhang, Dongyan; ... Shulman, Gerald I 2013
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Mitochondrial phosphate transport during nutrient stimulation of INS-1E insulinoma cells Quan, Xianglan; Das, Ranjan; Xu, Shanhua; Cline, Gary W; ... Park, Kyu-Sang 2013
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Mitochondrial GTP regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion Kibbey, Richard G; Pongratz, Rebecca L; Romanelli, Anthony J; Wollheim, Claes; ... Shulman, Gerald I 2007