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Targeting π-Conjugated Multiple Donor-Acceptor Motifs Exemplified by Tetrathiafulvalene-Linked Quinoxalines and Tetrabenz[bc,ef,hi,uv]ovalenes: Synthesis, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Theoretical Characterization Jia, Hong-Peng; Ding, Jie; Ran, Ying-Fen; Liu, Shi-Xia; ... Decurtins, Silvio 2011
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Effect of the Addition of a Fused Donor−Acceptor Ligand on a Ru(II) Complex: Synthesis, Characterization, and Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions of [Ru(TTF-dppz) 2 (Aqphen)] 2+ Dupont Nahum, Nathalie; Ran, Ying-Fen; Jia, Hong-Peng; Grilj, Jakob; ... Hauser, Andreas 2011