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Significant Asymmetric Amplification in Enantioselective Cu/DiPPAM-catalyzed 1,6- and 1,4-Conjugate Additions of Diethylzinc to (Di)enones Magrez, Magaly; Wencel-Delord, Joanna; Alexakis, Alexandre; Crévisy, Christophe; Mauduit, Marc 2012
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Enantioselective 1,6-Conjugate Addition of Dialkylzinc Reagents to Acyclic Dienones Catalyzed by Cu-DiPPAM Complex-Extension to Asymmetric Sequential 1,6/1,4-Conjugate Addition Magrez-Chiquet, Magaly; Morin, Marie S. T.; Wencel-Delord, Joanna; Drissi Amraoui, Sammy; ... Mauduit, Marc 2013
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Hybrids of cationic [4]helicene and N-heterocyclic carbene as ligands for complexes exhibiting (chir)optical properties in the far red spectral window Tarrieu, Robert; Hernandez Delgado, Irène; Zinna, Francesco; Dorcet, Vincent; ... Lacour, Jérôme 2021