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Cooperative phenomena and light-induced bistability in iron(II) spin-crossover compounds Hauser, Andreas; Jeftic, Jelena; Romstedt, Harald; Hinek, Roland; Spiering, Hartmut 1999
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High-spin -> low-spin relaxation in the two-step spin-crossover compound [Fe(pic)3]Cl2·EtOH (pic = 2-picolylamine) Romstedt, Harald; Hauser, Andreas; Spiering, Hartmut 1998
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Interplay between the spin transition and the crystallographic phase transition in the Fe(II) spin-crossover system [Zn1-xFex(ptz)6](BF4)2 (x = 0.1, 1; ptz = 1-propyltetrazole) Jeftic, Jelena; Romstedt, Harald; Hauser, Andreas 1996