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Comparison of density functionals for energy and structural differences between the high- [5T2g: (t2g)4(eg)2] and low- [1A1g: (t2g)6(eg)0] spin states of the hexaquoferrous cation [Fe(H2O)6]2+ Fouqueau, Antony; Mer, Sébastien; Casida, Mark E.; Lawson Daku, Latevi Max; ... Neese, Frank 2004
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Investigation of the switching and domain wall behaviour in BiFeO3 thin films and mapping of the phase diagram of BiFeO3-LaFeO3 superlattices Ziegler, Benedikt 2014
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High-resolution simulations of the solar photosphere with focus on the polarimetry of the solar continuum Calvo, Flavio 2018