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Anion Disorder in K3BH4B12H12 and Its Effect on Cation MobilitySadikin, Yolanda; Skoryunov, Roman V.; Babanova, Olga A.; Soloninin, Alexei V.; ... Cerny, Radovan
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Hydrogen Sorption in Erbium Borohydride Composite Mixtures with LiBH4 and/or LiHHeere, Michael; GharibDoust, Seyed; Brighi, Matteo; Frommen, Christoph; ... Hauback, Bjørn
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Li5(BH4)3 NH: Lithium-Rich Mixed Anion Complex HydrideWolczyk, Anna Roza; Paik, Biswajit; Sato, Toyoto; Nervi, Carlo; ... Baricco, Marcello
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Modified Anion Packing of Na2B12H12 in Close to Room Temperature Superionic ConductorsSadikin, Yolanda; Schouwink, Pascal; Brighi, Matteo; Łodziana, Zbigniew; Cerny, Radovan
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Synthesis, Structure, and Li-Ion Conductivity of LiLa(BH4)3X, X = Cl, Br, IPayandeh GharibDoust, SeyedHosein; Brighi, Matteo; Sadikin, Yolanda; Ravnsbæk, Dorthe B.; ... Jensen, Torben R.
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