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High-Field Quantum Calculation Reveals Time-Dependent Negative Kerr ContributionBejot, Pierre Olivier; Cormier, E.; Hertz, E.; Lavorel, B.; ... Faucher, O.
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Laser-induced condensation by ultrashort laser pulses at 248 nmJoly, Pierre; Petrarca, Massimo; Vogel, A.; Pohl, T.; ... Wolf, Jean-Pierre
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Laser-induced plasma cloud interaction and ice multiplication under cirrus cloud conditionsLeisner, Thomas; Duft, Denis; Mohler, Ottmar; Saathoff, Harald; ... Woeste, Ludger
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Mid-infrared laser filamentation in molecular gasesKartashov, D.; Ališauskas, S.; Pugžlys, A.; Voronin, A.; ... Baltuška, A.
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White-light femtosecond Lidar at 100 TW power levelPetrarca, Massimo; Henin, Stefano; Berti, Nicolas; Matthews, Mary; ... Ghigo, A.
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