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AMPK activation caused by reduced liver lactate metabolism protects against hepatic steatosis in MCT1 haploinsufficient miceCarneiro, Lionel; Asrih, Mohamed; Repond, Cendrine; Sempoux, Christine; ... Pellerin, Luc
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GPR40 mediates potential positive effects of a saturated fatty acid enriched diet on bonePhilippe, Claire; Wauquier, Fabien; Landrier, Jean-François; Bonnet, Lauriane; ... Wittrant, Yohann
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β-Klotho deficiency protects against obesity through a crosstalk between liver, microbiota, and brown adipose tissueSomm, Emmanuel; Henry, Hugues; Bruce, Stephen J; Aeby, Sébastien; ... Pitteloud, Nelly
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