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Anti-tumoral effects of exercise on hepatocellular carcinoma growthSaran, Uttara; Guarino, Maria; Rodríguez, Sarai; Simillion, Cedric; ... Dufour, Jean-François
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Exercise improves outcomes of surgery on fatty liver in mice: a novel effect mediated by the ampk pathwayLinecker, Michael; Frick, Lukas; Kron, Philipp; Limani, Perparim; ... Clavien, Pierre-Alain
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Hydroxysteroid (17β) dehydrogenase 13 deficiency triggers hepatic steatosis and inflammation in miceAdam, Marion; Heikelä, Hanna; Sobolewski, Cyril; Portius, Dorothea; ... Poutanen, Matti
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