Morpurgo, Alberto

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Charge Noise in Graphene TransistorsHeller, Iddo; Chatoor, Sohail; Männik, Jaan; Zevenbergen, Marcel A. G.; ... Lemay, Serge G.
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Contact resistance in graphene-based devicesRusso, S.; Craciun, M.F.; Yamamoto, M.; Morpurgo, Alberto; Tarucha, S.
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Controlled tunnel-coupled ferromagnetic electrodes for spin injection in organic single-crystal transistorsNaber, W.J.M.; Craciun, M.F.; Lemmens, J.H.J.; Arkenbout, A.H.; ... van der Wiel, W.G.
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Electric-Field Control of the Metal-Insulator Transition in Ultrathin NdNiO3 FilmsScherwitzl, Raoul; Zubko, Pavlo; Gutierrez Lezama, Ignacio; Ono, Shimpei; ... Triscone, Jean-Marc
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High-performance n-type organic field-effect transistors with ionic liquid gatesOno, Shimpei; Minder, Nikolas Aron; Chen, Z.; Facchetti, A.; Morpurgo, Alberto
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