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A beat-by-beat analysis of cardiovascular responses to dry resting and exercise apnoeas in elite diversSivieri, Andrea; Fagoni, Nazzareno; Bringard, Aurélien; Capogrosso, Michela; ... Ferretti, Guido
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Cardiovascular responses to dry resting apnoeas in elite divers while breathing pure oxygenFagoni, Nazzareno; Sivieri, Andrea; Antonutto, Guglielmo; Moia, Christian; ... Ferretti, Guido
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Modulation of exercise-induced spinal loop properties in response to oxygen availabilityRupp, Thomas; Racinais, Sébastien; Bringard, Aurélien; Lapole, Thomas; Perrey, Stéphane
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Non-Invasive Determination of Cardiac Output in Pre-Capillary Pulmonary HypertensionLador, Frédéric; Hervé, Philippe; Bringard, Aurélien; Günther, Sven; ... Sitbon, Olivier
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Opposite effects of hyperoxia on mitochondrial and contractile efficiency in human quadriceps musclesLayec, Gwenael; Bringard, Aurélien; Le Fur, Yann; Micallef, Jean-Paul; ... Bendahan, David
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