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Analytical solution of the correlation transport equation with static background: beyond diffuse correlation spectroscopyBinzoni, Tiziano; Liemert, André; Kienle, Alwin; Martelli, Fabrizio;
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Probability density function of the electric field in diffuse correlation spectroscopy of human bone in vivoBinzoni, Tiziano; Sanguinetti, Bruno; Van De Ville, Dimitri; Zbinden, Hugo; Martelli, Fabrizio
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There's plenty of light at the bottom: statistics of photon penetration depth in random mediaMartelli, Fabrizio; Binzoni, Tiziano; Pifferi, Antonio; Spinelli, Lorenzo; ... Torricelli, Alessandro
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Time-domain Raman analytical forward solversMartelli, Fabrizio; Binzoni, Tiziano; Sekar, Sanathana Konugolu Venkata; Farina, Andrea; ... Pifferi, Antonio
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