Marschik, Robert

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Geochemical, mineralogical and Re-Os isotopic constraints on the origin of Tethyan oceanic mantle and crustal rocks from the Central Pontides, northern Turkey 2017 415 2
The Eldivan ophiolite and volcanic rocks in the İzmir–Ankara–Erzincan suture zone, Northern Turkey: Geochronology, whole-rock geochemical and Nd–Sr–Pb isotope characteristics 2013 572 3
Early–Middle Jurassic intra-oceanic subduction in the İzmir-Ankara-Erzincan Ocean, Northern Turkey 2011 591 0
The Hypogene Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Mineralization in the Mantoverde District, Northern Chile 2010 818 0
Origin of fluids in iron oxide–copper–gold deposits: constraints from δ 37Cl, 87Sr/86Sri and Cl/Br 2006 605 743
Geochemical and Sr–Nd–Pb–O isotope composition of granitoids of the Early Cretaceous Copiapó plutonic complex (27°30′S), Chile 2003 523 0
Implications of Pb isotope signatures of rocks and iron oxide Cu-Au ores in the Candelaria-Punta del Cobre district, Chile 2003 579 1
The Candelaria-Punta del Cobre Iron Oxide Cu-Au(-Zn-Ag)Deposits, Chile 2001 1109 1
The Punta del Cobre Formation, Punta del Cobre–Candelaria area, northern Chile 2001 481 1
Age of Cu(-Fe)-Au mineralization and thermal evolution of the Punta del Cobre district, Chile 1997 548 1133
Cretaceous Cu(-Fe) mineralization in the Punta del Cobre belt, Northern Chile 1996 367 71
The Punta del Cobre belt, northern Chile: intrusion-related mid-cretaceous Cu(-Fe) mineralization 1996 27 3
Copper (-iron) mineralization and superposition of alteration events at the Punta del Cobre Belt, northern Chile 1996 626 1
Geology of the Cu(-Fe) deposits of the Punta del Cobre belt, northern Chile 1995 34 10
Potassic and sodium alteration related to cu-mineralization in the Punta del Cobre formation, northern Chile 1994 29 5
Alteration trends in the Punta del Cobre mining district, North Chile: a preliminary study 1994 41 2
Volcanic rocks of the lower cretaceous Punta del Cobre formation: petrology and implication for its paleotectonic setting 1994 28 6
Cu ores in the Punta del Cobre Formation, northern Chile: mid-Cretaceous structure-controlled mineralization ? 1994 27 2
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