Moscariello, Andrea

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Origin and age of carbonate clasts from the Lusi eruption, Java, Indonesia 2018 99 1
High-resolution compositional analysis of a fluvial-fan succession: The Miocene infill of the Cacheuta Basin (central Argentinian foreland) 2018 17 0
Genesis and evolution of the Watukosek fault system in the Lusi area (East Java) 2018 27 0
Dolomitization of the Upper Jurassic carbonate rocks in the Geneva Basin, Switzerland and France 2018 37 2
The impact of the end-Ordovician glaciation on sediment routing systems: A case study from the Meseta (northern Morocco) 2018 26 0
Geochemical constraints on the provenance and depositional environment of the Messinian sediments, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt: Implications for the late Miocene paleogeography of the Mediterranean 2018 27 0
The geomorphological landscapes in the Geneva Basin 2018 1239 2
Depositional and petrophysical controls on the volumes of hydrocarbons trapped in the Messinian reservoirs, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt 2018 31 14
Geothermal state of the deep Western Alpine Molasse Basin, France-Switzerland 2017 92 0
Tunnel valley deposits from the southern North Sea - material provenance and depositional processes 2017 85 0
Alluvial fans and fluvial fans at the margins of continental sedimentary basins: geomorphic and sedimentological distinction for geo-energy exploration and development 2017 108 3
Organic geochemistry of oil and natural gas in the West Dikirnis and El-Tamad fields, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt: interpretation of potential source rocks 2017 182 1
What Is a Giant Field? 2017 73 64
Geothermal exploration in SW Switzerland 2016 163 92
Reservoir geo-modeling and uncertainty management in the context of geo-energy projects 2016 139 40
Clay mineral diagenesis in Cretaceous clastic reservoirs from West African passive margins (the South Gabon Basin) and its impact on regional geology and basin evolution history 2016 190 3
Illite-smectite rich clay parageneses from Quaternary tunnel valley sediments of the Dutch Southern North Sea – mineral origin and paleoenvironment implications 2016 179 104
Quantification of tsunami-induced flows on a Mediterranean carbonate ramp reveals catastrophic evolution 2016 222 4
Reconstruction of Sediment Provenance and Pathway from Source-to-Sink: Example of the Tremp-Graus-Ainsa Basins, Southern Pyrenean Foreland Basin, Spain 2016 319 99
Detailed Structural and Reservoir Rock Typing Characterisation of the Greater Geneva Basin, Switzerland, for Geothermal Resource Assessment 2015 162 83
Searching the Rhone delta channel in Lake Geneva since François Alphonse Forel 2012 472 8
The glaciogenic unconformity of the southern North Sea 2012 95 0
Tunnel valleys: current knowledge and future perspectives 2012 76 0
Histoire glaciaire du Léman 1999 107 0
Déglaciation Würmienne dans des conditions lacustres à la terminaison occidentale du bassin lémanique ( Suisse occidentale et France ) 1998 505 392
Quaternary geology of the Geneva bay (lake Geneva, Switzerland) : sedimentary record, palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic reconstruction since the last glacial cycle 1996 95 146
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