Voigt, Babett

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Associations between neonatal distress and effortful control in preterm born toddlers: does parenting stress act as a moderator? 2014 297 0
The relation of the cortisol awakening response and prospective memory functioning in young children 2014 299 0
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The development of prospective memory in young schoolchildren: The impact of ongoing task absorption, cue salience, and cue centrality 2013 321 1
Negative reactivity in toddlers born prematurely: Indirect and moderated pathways considering self-regulation, neonatal distress and parenting stress 2013 299 1
Cognitive development in very vs. moderately to late preterm and full-term children: Can effortful control account for group differences in toddlerhood? 2012 295 0
Time-Based Prospective Memory in Schoolchildren 2011 311 3
3430 57