Borchard, Gerrit

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Arming embolic beads with anti-VEGF antibodies and controlling their release using LbL technology 2016 105 0
Characterization of pDNA-TMC Nanoparticle Interaction and Stability 2016 122 0
Peptide-decorated chitosan derivatives enhance fibroblast adhesion and proliferation in wound healing 2016 103 0
Sunitinib-eluting beads for chemoembolization: Methods for in vitro evaluation of drug release 2015 235 188
Encapsulation of VEGF165 into magnetic PLGA nanocapsules for potential local delivery and bioactivity in human brain endothelial cells 2015 197 1
Optimized synthesis of O-carboxymethyl-N,N,N-trimethyl chitosan 2015 261 103
Novel Layer-by-Layer Deposition Technique for the Preparation of Double-Chambered Nanoparticle Formulations 2015 196 4
Nanocarriers for DNA Vaccines: Co-Delivery of TLR-9 and NLR-2 Ligands Leads to Synergistic Enhancement of Proinflammatory Cytokine Release 2015 143 78
Chitosan as a starting material for wound healing applications 2015 312 398
Drug-eluting beads loaded with antiangiogenic agents for chemoembolization: in vitro sunitinib loading and release and in vivo pharmacokinetics in an animal model 2014 319 60
In situ forming implants for local chemotherapy and hyperthermia of bone tumors 2012 643 609
Preparation and evaluation of nanoparticles for directed tissue engineering 2012 339 1
Toll-like receptor-7 agonist decoration enhances the adjuvanticity of chitosan-DNA nanoparticles 2012 289 5
In vitro evaluation of an RGD-functionalized chitosan derivative for enhanced cell adhesion 2012 389 1
Pulmonary delivery of DNA encoding Mycobacterium tuberculosis latency antigen Rv1733c associated to PLGA–PEI nanoparticles enhances T cell responses in a DNA prime/protein boost vaccination regimen in mice 2009 287 0
Gender-specific differences between the concentrations of nonvolatile (R)/(S)-3-methyl-3-sulfanylhexan-1-Ol and (R)/(S)-3-hydroxy-3-methyl-hexanoic acid odor precursors in axillary secretions 2009 266 33
Immune response by nasal delivery of hepatitis B surface antigen and codelivery of a CpG ODN in alginate coated chitosan nanoparticles 2008 269 14
Alginate coated chitosan nanoparticles are an effective subcutaneous adjuvant for hepatitis B surface antigen 2008 250 1
Induction of lymphocytes activated marker CD69 following exposure to chitosan and alginate biopolymers 2007 386 0
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