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Modulation of extreme temperatures in Europe under extreme values of the North Atlantic Oscillation Index 2018 73 0
Pest management under climate change: The importance of understanding tritrophic relations 2018 1184 3
The European mountain cryosphere: a review of its current state, trends, and future challenges 2018 270 144
Spatially enabling the Global Framework for Climate Services: Reviewing geospatial solutions to efficiently share and integrate climate data & information 2017 326 67
Climate response to the Samalas volcanic eruption in 1257 revealed by proxy records 2017 204 0
Assessing the Dynamics of Organic Aerosols over the North Atlantic Ocean 2017 357 115
Comparing observed and hypothetical climates as a means of communicating to the public and policymakers: The case of European heatwaves 2017 208 3
Estimating future cyanobacterial occurrence and importance in lakes: a case study with Planktothrix rubescens in Lake Geneva 2017 200 1
Regional reconstruction of flash flood history in the Guadarrama range (Central System, Spain) 2016 205 198
Rain-on-snow events in Switzerland: recent observations and projections for the 21st century 2016 156 3
Rain-on-snow events, floods and climate change in the Alps: Events may increase with warming up to 4°C and decrease thereafter 2016 236 2
Estimates of volcanic-induced cooling in the Northern Hemisphere over the past 1,500 years 2015 237 1
An independent and combined effect analysis of land use and climate change in the upper Rhone River watershed, Switzerland 2015 253 2
Ratios of record high to record low temperatures in Europe exhibit sharp increases since 2000 despite a slowdown in the rise of mean temperatures 2015 245 2
Water availability, use and governance in the wine producing region of Mendoza, Argentina 2015 265 7
Hydrological impacts of climate and land-use changes in a mountain watershed: uncertainty estimation based on model comparison 2015 307 1
Europe 2014 143 124
Streamflow timing of mountain rivers in spain: recent changes and future projections 2014 304 137
Streamflow response to regional climate model output in the mountainous watershed: a case study from the Swiss Alps 2014 333 4
21st century climate change in the European Alps—A review 2014 391 196
Reviewing innovative Earth Observation solutions for filling science-policy gaps in hydrology 2014 401 184
European isotherms move northwards by up to 15 km year-1: using climate analogues for awareness-raising 2014 300 2
Shifting mountain snow patterns in a changing climate from remote sensing retrieval 2014 350 165
Assessing species vulnerability to climate and land use change: the case of the Swiss breeding birds 2014 327 321
Assessing climate change impacts on the quantity of water in Alpine regions: Foreword to the adaptation and policy implications of the EU/FP7 “ACQWA” project 2014 255 170
Assessing the impacts of climatic change on mountain water resources 2014 297 5
Governing and managing water resources under changing hydro-climatic contexts: The case of the upper Rhone basin 2014 339 9
The impacts of climatic change on water resources: Foreword to the Special Issue 2014 287 3
Exploring the behaviour of atmospheric temperatures under dry conditions in Europe: evolution since the mid-20th century and projections for the end of the 21st century 2013 232 109
Modelling runoff in a Swiss glacierized catchment - Part II: daily discharge and glacier evolution in the Findelen basin in a progressively warmer climate 2013 260 140
The changing roles of temperature and precipitation on snowpack variability in Switzerland as a function of altitude 2013 255 103
Modelling runoff in a Swiss glacierized catchment - part I: methodology and application in the Findelen basin under a long-lasting stable climate 2013 224 103
Phytoplankton configuration in six deep lakes in the peri-Alpine region: are the key drivers related to eutrophication and climate? 2013 331 7
Streamflow Modeling in a Highly Managed Mountainous Glacier Watershed Using SWAT: The Upper Rhone River Watershed Case in Switzerland 2013 431 15
Grand challenges in climate research 2013 268 870
Evolution and frequency (1970–2007) of combined temperature–precipitation modes in the Spanish mountains and sensitivity of snow cover 2013 87 4
Senstitivity of water balance components to environmental changes in a mountainous watershed: uncertainty assessment based on models comparison 2013 194 58
Obstacles to data access for research related to climate and water: Implications for science and EU policy-making 2012 278 184
Climate change impacts on glaciers and runoff in Tien Shan (Central Asia) 2012 374 1
Changements climatiques et impacts 2012 417 0
Impacts of climatic change on water and associated economic activities in the Swiss Alps 2012 389 392
Wind storm loss estimations in the Canton of Vaud (Western Switzerland) 2012 322 229
Environmental Change in Mountain Regions 2012 279 0
Is snow in the Alps receding or disappearing? 2012 323 98
Integration of research advances in modelling and monitoring in support of WFD river basin management planning in the context of climate change 2012 260 1
Rainfall characteristics for periglacial debris flows in the Swiss Alps: past incidences–potential future evolutions 2011 317 218
Sharing Environmental Data through GEOSS 2011 425 1181
Impacts of climatic change on water and natural hazards in the Alps: Can current water governance cope with future challenges? Examples from the European “ACQWA” project 2011 250 561
Effects of climate change on the intensity and frequency of heavy snowfall events in the Pyrenees 2011 261 112
Will snow-abundant winters still exist in the Swiss Alps in an enhanced greenhouse climate? 2011 260 103
Influence of Winter North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on climate and snow accumulation in the Mediterranean mountains 2011 263 0
Impacts of extreme air temperatures on cyanobacteria in five deep peri-Alpine lakes 2011 390 190
Effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) on combined temperature and precipitation winter modes in the Mediterranean mountains: Observed relationships and projections for the 21st century 2011 396 0
Are Swiss birds tracking climate change? 2011 454 383
Spatial Predictions of Extreme Wind Speeds over Switzerland Using Generalized Additive Models 2010 317 155
Climate change and its impacts: growing stress factors for human societies 2010 268 341
Wind speed measurements and forest damage in Canton Zurich (Central Europe) from 1891 to winter 2007 2009 182 248
Simulation of multiannual thermal profiles in deep Lake Geneva: A comparison of one-dimensional lake models 2009 483 490
Predicting future distributions of mountain plants under climate change: does dispersal capacity matter? 2009 256 1528
Decadal-scale changes in the tails of probability distribution functions of climate variables in Switzerland 2009 243 875
Sensitivity analysis of snow patterns in Swiss ski resorts to shifts in temperature, precipitation and humidity under conditions of climate change 2009 284 126
Impact of climate change on snowpack in the Pyrenees: Horizontal spatial variability and vertical gradients 2009 221 234
Daily precipitation intensity projected for the 21st century: seasonal changes over the Pyrénées 2009 234 204
Changements climatiques et impacts: de l'échelle globale à l'échelle locale 2009 467 0
Trends in joint quantiles of temperature and precipitation in Europe since 1901 and projected for 2100 2009 266 98
Climate change prediction over complex areas: spatial variability of uncertainties and predictions over the Pyrenees from a set of regional climate models 2008 244 93
Climate change and desertification: Where do we stand, where should we go? 2008 280 232
Sustainability of the landscape of a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Lake Geneva region (Switzerland) in a greenhouse climate 2008 225 69
Hedging with Weather Derivatives to Cope with Climate Variability and Change in Grain Maize Production 2008 233 246
Sensitivity of the snow energy balance to climatic changes: prediction of snowpack in the Pyrenees in the 21st century 2008 264 100
Distribution changes of seasonal mean temperature in observations and climate change scenarios 2008 169 0
Seasonal forecasts, climatic change and human health 2008 191 0
Extreme climatic events and their impacts; examples from the Swiss Alps 2008 267 0
Environmental change and water management in the Pyrenees: Facts and future perspectives for Mediterranean mountains 2008 238 256
Potential effects of changes in mean climate and climate variability on the yield of winter and spring crops in Switzerland 2007 545 2310
Regional assessment of climate change impacts on maize productivity and associated production risk in Switzerland 2007 269 690
Changes in variability and persistence of climate in Switzerland: Exploring 20th century observations and 21st century simulations 2007 296 127
Entering into the “greenhouse century”: Recent record temperatures in Switzerland are comparable to the upper temperature quantiles in a greenhouse climate 2007 162 90
Future extreme events in European climate: an exploration of regional climate model projections 2007 251 1801
Observations: Surface and Atmospheric Climate Change 2007 383 3
Linking extreme climate events and economic impacts: Examples from the Swiss Alps 2007 262 126
On interpreting hydrological change from regional climate models 2007 257 380
Ecosystems, their Properties, Goods and Services 2007 249 0
Climate Risks and Their Impact on Agriculture and Forests in Switzerland 2006 280 601
On the incidence of debris flows from the early Little Ice Age to a future greenhouse climate: A case study from the Swiss Alps 2006 288 250
August 2005 intense rainfall event in Switzerland: Not necessarily an analog for strong convective events in a greenhouse climate 2006 245 98
Mountain Weather and Climate: A General Overview and a Focus on Climatic Change in the Alps 2006 255 0
Sensitivity Analysis of Snow Cover to Climate Change Scenarios and Their Impact on Plant Habitats in Alpine Terrain 2005 227 0
Application of a new wind gust parameterization: Multiscale case studies performed with the Canadian regional climate model 2003 243 102
Estimates of snow accumulation and volume in the Swiss Alps under changing climatic conditions 2003 195 0
Snow pack in the Swiss Alps under changing climatic conditions: an empirical approach for climate impacts studies 2003 227 1
Daily wind gust speed probabilities over Switzerland according to three types of synoptic circulation 2002 238 125
Numerical investigation of an extreme storm with the Canadian Regional Climate Model: the case study of windstorm VIVIAN, Switzerland, February 27, 1990 2001 231 0
Specification of surface characteristics for use in high resolution regional climate model: on the role of glaciers in the swiss alps 2001 236 3
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