Regier, Nicole

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Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation Methods for Quantitative Determination and Size Characterization of Thiols and for Mercury Size Speciation Analysis in Organic Matter-Rich Natural Waters 2022 24 3
Metabolomic Responses of Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Exposed to Sublethal Concentrations of Inorganic and Methylmercury 2021 122 30
Insect Life Traits Are Key Factors in Mercury Accumulation and Transfer within the Terrestrial Food Web 2019 227 0
Elodea nuttallii exposure to mercury exposure under enhanced ultraviolet radiation: Effects on bioaccumulation, transcriptome, pigment content and oxidative stress 2016 538 7
Effects of copper-oxide nanoparticles, dissolved copper and ultraviolet radiation on copper bioaccumulation, photosynthesis and oxidative stress in the aquatic macrophyte Elodea nuttallii 2015 890 6
Towards Mechanistic Understanding of Mercury Availability and Toxicity to Aquatic Primary Producers 2014 618 358
Effects of macrophytes on the fate of mercury in aquatic systems 2014 726 16
Analysis of the Elodea nuttallii Transcriptome in Response to Mercury and Cadmium Pollution: Development of Sensitive Tools for Rapid Ecotoxicological Testing 2013 605 3
Physiological and proteomic changes suggest an important role of cell walls in the high tolerance to metals of Elodea nuttallii 2013 638 3
Mercury bioaccumulation in the aquatic plant Elodea nuttallii in the field and in microcosm: Accumulation in shoots from the water might involve copper transporters 2013 543 11
Characterization of fecal indicator bacteria in sediments cores from the largest freshwater lake of Western Europe (Lake Geneva, Switzerland) 2012 736 591
Effect of Elodea nuttallii Roots on Bacterial Communities and MMHg Proportion in a Hg Polluted Sediment 2012 588 313
Seasonal changes in starch and sugar content of poplar (Populus deltoides x nigra cv. Dorskamp) and the impact of stem girdling on carbohydrate allocation to roots 2010 581 333
Early effects of water deficit on two parental clones of Populus nigra grown under different environmental conditions 2010 509 0
Experimental comparison of relative RT-qPCR quantification approaches for gene expression studies in poplar 2010 545 236
Drought tolerance of two black poplar (Populus nigra L.) clones: contribution of carbohydrates and oxidative stress defence 2009 562 387
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