Botsikas, Diomidis

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What is the diagnostic performance of 18-FDG-PET/MR compared to PET/CT for the N- and M- staging of breast cancer? 2018 35 10
Suspicion of appendicitis in pregnant women: emergency evaluation by sonography and low-dose CT with oral contrast 2018 65 3
Fat suppression techniques for breast MRI: Dixon versus spectral fat saturation for 3D T1-weighted at 3 T. 2017 27 0
Evolution of urogenital and breast imaging: from morphology to functional imaging 2017 112 1
Clitoral anatomy, physiology and pathology demystified by imaging 2017 146 6
CT vaginography: a new CT technique for imaging of upper and middle vaginal fistulas 2017 106 0
Impact of iterative reconstructions on objective and subjective emphysema assessment with computed tomography: a prospective study 2017 126 1
Sexual Anatomy and Function in Women With and Without Genital Mutilation: A Cross-Sectional Study 2016 143 6
Value of liver computed tomography with iodixanol 270, 80 kVp and iterative reconstruction 2016 120 49
Clinical utility of 18F-FDG-PET/MR for preoperative breast cancer staging 2016 277 74
Image quality of low mA CT pulmonary angiography reconstructed with model based iterative reconstruction versus standard CT pulmonary angiography reconstructed with filtered back projection: an equivalency trial 2015 139 0
Preservation of fertility in non-Peutz-Jegher syndrome-associated ovarian sex cord tumour with annular tubules 2015 187 0
PET/MR in Breast Cancer 2015 227 0
Incarcerated Grynfeltt-Lesshaft Hernia 2015 102 0
Urinary stone detection and characterisation with dual-energy CT urography after furosemide intravenous injection: preliminary results 2014 252 0
Model-based iterative reconstruction versus adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction in low-dose abdominal CT for urolithiasis 2014 264 0
Diagnosis of urothelial tumors with a dedicated dual-source dual-energy MDCT protocol: preliminary results 2014 238 0
Incidental adrenal lesions detected on enhanced abdominal dual-energy CT: Can the diagnostic workup be shortened by the implementation of virtual unenhanced images? 2014 214 0
Etude de la valeur du CT double-énergie pour l'évaluation des pathologies de l'appareil urinaire 2014 845 0
Computed tomography of the chest with model-based iterative reconstruction using a radiation exposure similar to chest X-ray examination: preliminary observations 2013 287 3
Pancreatic magnetic resonance imaging after manganese injection distinguishes type 2 diabetic and normoglycemic patients 2012 282 119
Colovesical fistula causing an uncommon reason for failure of computed tomography colonography: a case report 2012 243 41
A new MDCT technique for the detection and anatomical exploration of urogenital fistulas 2012 294 0
Cine and tagged cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging in normal rat at 1.5 T: a rest and stress study 2008 350 272
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