Hiltbrand, Emile

Title Year Hits Downloads
A new method of thermoablation with hot water vapour for localized tumours 2004 88 0
Human tibia bone marrow: defining a model for the study of haemodynamics as a function of age by near infrared spectroscopy 2003 109 1
Non-standard O(2) consumption-temperature curves during rest and isometric exercise in human skeletal muscle 2002 93 0
Human tibia bone marrow blood perfusion by non-invasive near infrared spectroscopy: a new tool for studies on microgravity 2002 93 0
Age dependence of human gastrocnemius Mg2+: fitting 31P-NMR spectra using quantum mechanics-based prior knowledge 2001 100 0
Temperature dependence of human gastrocnemius pH and high-energy phosphate concentration by noninvasive techniques 2000 108 0
Human calf microvascular compliance measured by near-infrared spectroscopy 2000 84 0
Muscle O(2) consumption by NIRS: a theoretical model 1999 101 0
Energy metabolism and interstitial fluid displacement in human gastrocnemius during short ischemic cycles 1998 106 0
Dynamic phosphorus-31 spectroscopy after fructose load in experimental biliary liver cirrhosis 1997 125 0
Step vs. progressive exercise: the kinetics of phosphocreatine hydrolysis in human muscle 1997 105 0
Influence of repeated ischaemia/reperfusion cycles (ischaemic preconditioning) on human calf energy metabolism by simultaneous near infrared spectroscopy, 31P-NMR and 23Na-NMR measurements 1997 98 0
In vivo human gastrocnemius architecture with changing joint angle at rest and during graded isometric contraction 1996 102 22
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