Huanca Ghislanzoni, Luis Tomas

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Comparison and reproducibility of 2 regions of reference for maxillary regional registration with cone-beam computed tomography 2016 361 161
Bonded versus banded rapid palatal expander followed by facial mask therapy: analysis on digital dental casts 2016 322 172
Palatal surface and volume in mouth-breathing subjects evaluated with three-dimensional analysis of digital dental casts-a controlled study 2015 272 0
Three-dimensional digital cast analysis of the effects produced by a passive self-ligating system 2016 237 0
Comparison of linear transverse measures between plaster and resin printed digital models 2018 123 1
Continuous eruption of maxillary teeth and changes in clinical crown length: a 10-year longitudinal study in adult women 2017 92 4
Predictability of orthodontic movement with orthodontic aligners: a retrospective study 2017 39 12
Headgear compliance as assessed by a temperature-sensitive recording device: a prospective clinical study 2019 37 0
Sella turcica morphometrics in children with unilateral cleft lip and palate 2020 36 1
Palatal changes in crossbite patients treated with rapid maxillary expansion vs untreated ones: a geometric morphometric study 2020 35 0
Measuring 3D shape in orthodontics through geometric morphometrics 2017 30 11
Functional factors associated with continuous eruption of maxillary incisors in adulthood: a 10-year prospective cohort study 2019 25 0
Does low-frequency vibration have an effect on aligner treatment? A single-centre, randomized controlled trial 2019 14 0
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