Derenne, Eve

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Pottery Chaînes Opératoires as a Tool to Approach the Integration of the Bell Beaker Phenomenon: The ‘Petit-Chasseur’ Necropolis as a Case Study 2022 13 0
The Bell Beaker phenomenon in third millennium BCE Switzerland: Investigating its local integration and exploring the relationship between funerary and domestic contexts through the lens of pottery technical traditions in the Upper Rhône valley 2021 111 0
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I livelli dell'Età del Bronzo della grotta dell'Eremita in Piemonte (Vercellli, Italia) : primi dati cronologici e culturali 2020 180 55
Continuity or rupture? Investigating domestic structures during the Final Neolithic and the Bell Beaker culture in central-eastern France and western Switzerland 2019 203 64
La Grotta dell'Eremita: i livelli dell'età del Bronzo e le nuove acquisizioni dagli scavi degli anni 2014-2016 dell'Università di Ginevra 2016 390 69
1621 420