Rochat, Jessica

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Mixed and Augmented Reality Tools in the Medical Anatomy Curriculum 2020 61 18
Applications mobiles et autogestion des douleurs chroniques 2020 44 6
Factors Influencing Motivation and Engagement in Mobile Health Among Patients With Sickle Cell Disease in Low-Prevalence, High-Income Countries: Qualitative Exploration of Patient Requirements 2020 53 78
Preliminary Evaluation of a mHealth Coaching Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the Self-Care Management of People with Sickle-Cell Disease 2020 61 11
User-Centred Approach to Design an Online Social Support Platform for Seniors : Identification of Users' Types and Their Requirements 2020 57 13
Citizens' Participation in Health and Scientific Research in Switzerland 2020 68 12
User Expectations and Willingness to Share Self-Collected Health Data 2020 91 41
Patients' time perception in the waiting room of an ambulatory emergency unit: a cross-sectional study 2019 196 81
InfoKids : changement de paradigme du parcours patients dans un service d’urgences 2018 169 32
Improving the safety of disposable auto-injection devices: a systematic review of use errors 2018 142 81
Designing an online social support platform through co-creation with seniors 2018 195 45
A Simulation Study on Handoffs and Cross-coverage: Results of an Error Analysis 2017 217 34
Connecting Parents to a Pediatric Emergency Department: Designing a Mobile App Based on Patient Centred Care Principles 2017 283 6
Communication of Children Symptoms in Emergency: Classification of the Terminology 2017 311 75
Analyse des besoins des patients et accompagnants lors de leur passage aux urgences pédiatriques 2016 203 69
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