Sheldrake, Thomas Edward

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Understanding causality and uncertainty in volcanic observations: An example of forecasting eruptive activity on Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat 2017 654 145
Magmatic pulse driven by sea-level changes associated with the Messinian salinity crisis 2017 613 36
Does the Shape of a Volcano Reflect Its Personality? 2018 577 181
Regional variability in the frequency and magnitude of large explosive volcanic eruptions 2017 569 230
A cross correlation method for chemical profiles in minerals, with an application to zircons of the Kilgore Tuff (USA) 2018 535 63
Similarities and differences in the historical records of lava dome-building volcanoes: Implications for understanding magmatic processes and eruption forecasting 2016 453 0
Modulation of magmatic processes by CO2 flushing 2018 452 111
Investigating Complex Isochron Data Using Mixture Models 2018 352 172
A Data Driven Approach to Investigate the Chemical Variability of Clinopyroxenes From the 2014–2015 Holuhraun–Bárdarbunga Eruption (Iceland) 2020 311 118
Zircon Petrochronology and 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology of the Adamello Intrusive Suite, N. Italy: Monitoring the Growth and Decay of an Incrementally Assembled Magmatic System 2019 278 1
Tectonic Controls on Global Variations of Large-Magnitude Explosive Eruptions in Volcanic Arcs 2020 271 139
Classification, segmentation and correlation of zoned minerals 2021 123 64
Quantitative chemical mapping of plagioclase as a tool for the interpretation of volcanic stratigraphy: an example from Saint Kitts, Lesser Antilles 2021 81 28
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