Ballhausen, Nicola

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Stress and prospective memory: what is the role of cortisol? 2019 24 0
Examining the role of rehearsal in old–old adults’ working memory 2019 21 0
The effects of ongoing task absorption on event-based prospective memory in preschoolers 2019 20 0
Delay of Gratification, Delay Discounting and their Associations with Age, Episodic Future Thinking, and Future Time Perspective 2018 78 32
The role of cognitive reserve accumulated in midlife for the relation between chronic diseases and cognitive decline in old age: A longitudinal follow-up across six years 2018 102 3
Cross-lagged relation of leisure activity participation to trail making test performance 6 years later: Differential patterns in old age and very old age 2018 101 3
Time-based prospective memory in children and adolescents with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome 2017 132 0
The interplay of intention maintenance and cue monitoring in younger and older adults’ prospective memory 2017 167 4
Children's Planning Performance in the Zoo Map Task (BADS-C): Is it Driven by General Cognitive Ability, Executive Functioning, or Prospection? 2017 228 5
Age differences in prospective memory for everyday life intentions: A diary approach 2016 221 6
Prospective memory in older adults: Where we are now and what is next 2016 261 13
Age-related prospective memory: exploring the role of cognitive control and memory in modulating age differences in prospective memory 2016 170 20
Prospective memory function in late adulthood: Affect at encoding and resource allocation costs 2015 193 58
Emotional valence differentially affects encoding and retrieval of prospective memory in older adults 2015 179 2
The impact of cognitive control on children’s goal monitoring in a time-based prospective memory task 2015 171 0
Mood effects on memory and executive control in a real-life situation 2015 222 1
Adult age differences in prospective memory in the laboratory: are they related to higher stress levels in the elderly? 2014 277 109
A Virtual Week study of prospective memory function in autism spectrum disorders 2014 22 1
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