Vachon, Dominic

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Ecosystem Effects of a Tropical Cyclone on a Network of Lakes in Northeastern North America 2012 393 1
Full-scale evaluation of methane production under oxic conditions in a mesotrophic lake 2017 885 230
Influence of water column stratification and mixing patterns on the fate of methane produced in deep sediments of a small eutrophic lake 2019 221 130
Methane emission offsets carbon dioxide uptake in a small productive lake 2020 76 41
Modeling Allochthonous Dissolved Organic Carbon Mineralization Under Variable Hydrologic Regimes in Boreal Lakes 2017 368 0
Reconstructing the seasonal dynamics and relative contribution of the major processes sustaining CO2 emissions in northern lakes 2017 392 1
Regional contribution of CO2 and CH4 fluxes from the fluvial network in a lowland boreal landscape of Québec 2014 390 0
Seasonality of photochemical dissolved organic carbon mineralization and its relative contribution to pelagic CO2 production in northern lakes 2016 351 231
The ecosystem size and shape dependence of gas transfer velocity versus wind speed relationships in lakes 2013 395 1
The phantom midge menace: Migratory Chaoborus larvae maintain poor ecosystem state in eutrophic inland waters 2018 320 3
The relationship between near-surface turbulence and gas transfer velocity in freshwater systems and its implications for floating chamber measurements of gas exchange 2010 429 2
The Relative Contribution of Winter Under-Ice and Summer Hypolimnetic CO2 Accumulation to the Annual CO2 Emissions from Northern Lakes 2015 353 0
What the bubble knows: Lake methane dynamics revealed by sediment gas bubble composition 2019 217 131
Whole-Lake CO2 Dynamics in Response to Storm Events in Two Morphologically Different Lakes 2014 297 0
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