Pihlgren Bosch, Maria Astrid Louise

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Predominant influence of environmental determinants on the persistence and avidity maturation of antibody responses to vaccines in infants 2006 413 264
Reduced ability of neonatal and early-life bone marrow stromal cells to support plasmablast survival 2006 413 224
Influence of complement C3 amount on IgG responses in early life: immunization with C3b-conjugated antigen increases murine neonatal antibody responses 2004 406 0
Co-administration of CpG oligonucleotides enhances the late affinity maturation process of human anti-hepatitis B vaccine response 2004 450 0
CpG-motifs enhance initial and sustained primary tetanus-specific antibody secreting cell responses in spleen and bone marrow, but are more effective in adult than in neonatal mice 2003 425 0
Unresponsiveness to lymphoid-mediated signals at the neonatal follicular dendritic cell precursor level contributes to delayed germinal center induction and limitations of neonatal antibody responses to T-dependent antigens 2003 364 341
Generation of adult-like antibody avidity profiles after early-life immunization with protein vaccines 2002 370 2
Delayed and deficient establishment of the long-term bone marrow plasma cell pool during early life 2001 329 2
CpG oligodeoxynucleotides can circumvent the Th2 polarization of neonatal responses to vaccines but may fail to fully redirect Th2 responses established by neonatal priming 1999 327 94
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