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Dynamic perceptual feature selectivity in primary somatosensory cortex upon reversal learning 2020 154 96
Neuroinflammation-Associated Aspecific Manipulation of Mouse Predator Fear by Toxoplasma gondii 2020 237 257
The mesoSPIM initiative: open-source light-sheet microscopes for imaging cleared tissue 2019 258 2
Dendrites In Vitro and In Vivo Contain Microtubules of Opposite Polarity and Axon Formation Correlates with Uniform Plus-End-Out Microtubule Orientation 2016 381 6
Single cell electroporation for longitudinal imaging of synaptic structure and function in the adult mouse neocortex in vivo 2015 475 362
Sensory-evoked LTP driven by dendritic plateau potentials in vivo 2014 704 8
Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics of the Perylene Radical Cation Generated upon Bimolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reaction 2006 431 793
Photochemistry of Fe(III) and sulfosalicylic acid aqueous solutions 2006 479 316
Dynamics of ultrafast charge transfer reactions involving short-lived excited states 2005 647 75
Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of the Metal-to-Metal Charge Transfer Excited State in Dinuclear Cyano-Bridged Mixed-Valence Complexes 2005 435 279
Effect of the Excitation Wavelength on the Ultrafast Charge Recombination Dynamics of Donor-Acceptor Complexes in Polar Solvents 2005 515 245
Kinetics and Yields of Electron Transfer in the Inverted Region 2004 421 0
Effect of the excitation pulse carrier frequency on the ultrafast charge recombination dynamics of donor-acceptor complexes: Stochastic simulations and experiments 2004 477 334
Femtosecond time-resolved studies on bimolecular electron transfer process 2004 404 5
Ultrafast spectroscopy on bimolecular photoinduced electron transfer reactions 2004 357 0
Ultrafast Spectroscopic Investigation of the Charge Recombination Dynamics of Ion Pairs Formed upon Highly Exergonic Bimolecular Electron-Transfer Quenching: Looking for the Normal Region 2004 497 31
Ultrafast Photochemistry 2002 485 223
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