Auboiroux, Vincent

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Hybrid ultrasound-MR guided HIFU treatment method with 3D motion compensation 2018 366 1
Respiratory-gated MRgHIFU in upper abdomen using an MR-compatible in-bore digital camera 2014 584 824
An experimental model to investigate the targeting accuracy of MR-guided focused ultrasound ablation in liver 2014 473 240
Reply to: high-frequency jet ventilation for HIFU. 2014 414 0
In vitro demonstration of focused ultrasound thrombolysis using bifrequency excitation 2014 495 1
Real-time method for motion-compensated MR thermometry and MRgHIFU treatment in abdominal organs 2014 482 0
A nonparametric temperature controller with nonlinear negative reaction for multi-point rapid MR-guided HIFU ablation 2014 524 1
Hybrid ultrasound/magnetic resonance simultaneous acquisition and image fusion for motion monitoring in the upper abdomen 2013 529 0
Management of respiratory motion in extracorporeal high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment in upper abdominal organs: current status and perspectives 2013 505 0
Experimental methods for improved spatial control of thermal lesions in magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound ablation 2013 523 0
Magnetic resonance-guided shielding of prefocal acoustic obstacles in focused ultrasound therapy: application to intercostal ablation in liver 2013 508 1
Ultrasonography-based 2D motion-compensated HIFU sonication integrated with reference-free MR temperature monitoring: a feasibility study ex vivo 2012 440 1
ARFI-prepared MRgHIFU in liver: simultaneous mapping of ARFI-displacement and temperature elevation, using a fast GRE-EPI sequence 2012 465 1
Experimental investigation of MRgHIFU sonication with interleaved electronic and mechanical displacement of the focal point for transrectal prostate application 2012 493 0
Reference-free PRFS MR-thermometry using near-harmonic 2-D reconstruction of the background phase 2012 508 0
An MR-compliant phased-array HIFU transducer with augmented steering range, dedicated to abdominal thermotherapy 2011 529 0
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