Tacchini-Cottier, Fabienne

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TREM-1 deficiency can attenuate disease severity without affecting pathogen clearance 2014 549 450
Blocking Junctional Adhesion Molecule C Enhances Dendritic Cell Migration and Boosts the Immune Responses against Leishmania major 2014 354 243
Environmental and T cell-intrinsic factors limit the expansion of neonatal follicular T helper cells but may be circumvented by specific adjuvants 2012 437 1
A new function of the Fas-FasL pathway in macrophage activation 2009 461 0
Interleukin-12p40 overexpression promotes interleukin-12p70 and interleukin-23 formation but does not affect bacille Calmette-Guerin and Mycobacterium tuberculosis clearance 2007 443 0
Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase protects against liver injury induced by mycobacterial infection and endotoxins 2004 411 0
Deregulated MHC class II transactivator expression leads to a strong Th2 bias in CD4+ T lymphocytes 2003 448 0
Both the Fas ligand and inducible nitric oxide synthase are needed for control of parasite replication within lesions in mice infected with Leishmania major whereas the contribution of tumor necrosis factor is minimal 2003 439 0
Urokinase receptor (uPAR, CD87) is a platelet receptor important for kinetics and TNF-induced endothelial adhesion in mice 1999 485 0
A role for lymphotoxin beta receptor in host defense against Mycobacterium bovis BCG infection 1999 439 0
Galactose residues in Plasmodium falciparum glycoproteins: incorporation and elimination 1994 451 0
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