Mottaz, Anais

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Analyzing the Information Content of Text-Based Files in Supplementary Materials of Biomedical Literature 2022 31 9
Designing an Optimal Expansion Method to Improve the Recall of a Genomic Variant Curation-Support Service 2022 32 10
Spontaneous Network Coupling Enables Efficient Task Performance without Local Task-Induced Activations 2020 147 32
The "implicit" serial reaction time task induces rapid and temporary adaptation rather than implicit motor learning 2020 102 70
Modulating functional connectivity after stroke with neurofeedback: Effect on motor deficits in a controlled cross-over study 2018 364 199
Comparison of Neuroplastic Responses to Cathodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation in Subacute Stroke 2018 417 615
Binaural beats increase interhemispheric alpha-band coherence between auditory cortices 2016 544 417
Theta-band functional connectivity in the dorsal fronto-parietal network predicts goal-directed attention 2016 377 149
Neurofeedback training of alpha-band coherence enhances motor performance 2015 471 420
Disease vocabularies in the dialog between medicine and biology 2014 545 158
Timing and awareness of movement decisions: does consciousness really come too late? 2013 485 263
Gene Ontology density estimation and discourse analysis for automatic GeneRiF extraction 2008 504 331
Mapping proteins to disease terminologies: from UniProt to MeSH 2008 564 363
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