Buta, Florin

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Machine learning applied to X-ray tomography as a new tool to analyze the voids in RRP Nb3Sn wires 2021 43 16
Very high upper critical fields and enhanced critical current densities in Nb3 Sn superconductors based on Nb–Ta–Zr alloys and internal oxidation 2021 145 64
High-field superconductivity in C-doped MgB2 bulk samples prepared by a rapid synthesis route 2020 113 30
The CERN FCC Conductor Development Program: a Worldwide Effort for the Future Generation of High-Field Magnets 2019 254 0
Stress distribution and lattice distortions in Nb3Sn multifilament wires under uniaxial tensile loading at 4.2 K 2014 372 2
Direct observation of Nb3Sn lattice deformation by high-energy x-ray diffraction in internal-tin wires subject to mechanical loads at 4.2 K 2012 473 1
Phase Formation, Composition and Tc Distribution of Binary and Ta-allowed Nb3Sn Wires Produced by Various Techniques 2012 533 1
A New Generation of In Situ Mg2 Wires With Improved Jc and Birr Values Obtained by Cold Densification (CHPD) 2011 431 0
Low Critical Current Sensitivity of RHQT Nb3Al Wires Under Transverse Compressive Stress Up to 300 MPa 2011 410 1
Critical current of a rapid-quenched Nb3Al conductor under transverse compressive and axial tensile stress 2011 475 0
Microstructure, composition and critical current density of superconducting Nb3Sn wires 2008 507 1
Transport Properties of a PIT-Nb3Sn Strand Under Transverse Compressive and Axial Tensile Stress 2008 415 0
Optimization of Nb3Sn and MgB2 wires 2008 473 0
Investigation on the Effect of Ta Additions on Jc and n of (Nb, Ti)3Sn Bronze Processed Multifilamentary Wires at High Magnetic Fields 2007 463 1
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