Thomas, Richard Lynn

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River, reservoir and lake sediment contamination by heavy metals downstream from urban areas of Switzerland 2004 661 8
Management of freshwater systems: the interactive roles of science, politics and management, and the public 2004 66 0
Assessing the toxicity of chemically fractionated Hamilton Harbour (Lake Ontario) sediment using selected aquatic organisms 2004 67 0
Bridging the gaps between environmental engineering and environmental natural science education 2003 564 2
Acute toxicity assessment of Polish (waste)water with a microplate-based Hydra attenuata assay: a comparison with the Microtox® test 1999 57 0
Confirmation of elemental sulfur toxicity in the Microtox® assay during organic extracts assessment of freshwater sediments 1999 49 0
Photosynthetic and population growth response of the test alga Selenastrum capricornutum Printz to zinc, cadmium and suspended sediment elutriates 1998 55 32
Nutrient, heavy metal and organic pollutant composition of suspended and bed sediments in the Rhone River 1994 85 59
Caractérisation écotoxicologique des affluents à leur embouchure: campagne 1993 1994 52 5
Comparative ecotoxicity of suspended sediment in the lower Rhone River using algal fractionation, Microtox® and Daphnia magna bioassays 1993 568 1
Particle size characteristics of suspended and bed sediments in the Rhône River 1992 506 3
Further discussion on the intercomparison of the trace metal concentrations and particle size of fluvial sediment recovered from two centrifuge systems 1990 574 230
The surficial sediments of Lake Superior 1975 66 13
Texture of the sediments of the Petit Lac (Western Lake Geneva) 1972 128 14
Le mercure dans l'environnement et le rôle de la géologie sédimentaire 1972 169 66
Levels of mercury in the sediments of some Swiss lakes including Lake Geneva and the Rhone river 1972 128 28
The occurence and distribution of mercury in the sediments of the Petit Lac (western Lake Geneva) 1972 109 21
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