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From a Vegetation Index to a Sustainable Development Goal Indicator: Forest Trend Monitoring Using Three Decades of Earth Observations across Switzerland 2018 40 16
Uncertainty-based auto-calibration for crop yield – the EPIC+ procedure for a case study in Sub-Saharan Africa 2018 95 0
A web platform for landuse, climate, demography, hydrology and beach erosion in the black sea catchment 2017 246 43
Lifting the Information Barriers to Address Sustainability Challenges with Data from Physical Geography and Earth Observation 2017 194 64
Spatial Data Infrastructures in Africa: A Gap Analysis 2017 536 5
Spatial Dynamic Modelling of Future Scenarios of Land Use Change in Vaud and Valais, Western Switzerland 2017 282 67
Breaking walls towards fully open source hydrological modeling 2017 229 145
Water Resources of the Black Sea Catchment under Future Climate and Landuse Change Projections 2017 95 18
Bringing GEOSS Services into Practice: A Capacity Building Resource on Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) 2017 264 2
Spatially enabling the Global Framework for Climate Services: Reviewing geospatial solutions to efficiently share and integrate climate data & information 2017 388 73
Facilitating the production of ISO-compliant metadata of geospatial datasets 2016 358 11
Blue water scarcity in the Black Sea catchment: Identifying key actors in the water-ecosystem-energy-food nexus 2016 233 7
Environmental data gaps in Black Sea catchment countries: INSPIRE and GEOSS State of Play 2015 425 9
Future land-use change scenarios for the Black Sea catchment 2015 514 13
An independent and combined effect analysis of land use and climate change in the upper Rhone River watershed, Switzerland 2015 266 2
Filling the gap between Earth observation and policy making in the Black Sea catchment with enviroGRIDS 2015 409 14
Black Sea beaches vulnerability to sea level rise 2015 1212 12
Hydrological impacts of climate and land-use changes in a mountain watershed: uncertainty estimation based on model comparison 2015 317 1
Climate change and agricultural water resources: A vulnerability assessment of the Black Sea catchment 2015 590 8
Identification of spatiotemporal patterns of biophysical droughts in semi-arid region: a case study of the Karkheh river basin in Iran 2015 80 19
Climate and land-use change impacts on potential solar photovoltaic power generation in the Black Sea region 2015 651 22
Assessing species vulnerability to climate and land use change: the case of the Swiss breeding birds 2014 351 330
Bringing GEOSS services into practice 2014 622 1671
Assessment of Romanian alpine habitats spatial shifts based on climate change prediction scenarios 2014 423 223
Water resources of the Black Sea Basin at high spatial and temporal resolution 2014 296 754
Streamflow response to regional climate model output in the mountainous watershed: a case study from the Swiss Alps 2014 344 4
Reviewing innovative Earth Observation solutions for filling science-policy gaps in hydrology 2014 412 188
Building Regional Capacities for GEOSS and INSPIRE: a journey in the Black Sea Catchment 2013 378 193
Black Sea Catchment Observation System as a Portal for GEOSS Community 2013 346 191
Streamflow Modeling in a Highly Managed Mountainous Glacier Watershed Using SWAT: The Upper Rhone River Watershed Case in Switzerland 2013 444 16
There and back again? Combining habitat suitability modelling and connectivity analyses to assess a potential return of the otter to Switzerland 2013 371 0
Unravelling landscape variables with multiple approaches to overcome scarce species knowledge: a landscape genetic study of the slow worm 2013 365 8
Evolution and frequency (1970–2007) of combined temperature–precipitation modes in the Spanish mountains and sensitivity of snow cover 2013 101 8
Senstitivity of water balance components to environmental changes in a mountainous watershed: uncertainty assessment based on models comparison 2013 208 61
OWS4SWAT: Publishing and Sharing SWAT Outputs with OGC standards 2013 429 502
An Interoperable, GIS-oriented, Information and Support System for Water Resources Management 2013 514 732
WPS mediation: An approach to process geospatial data on different computing backends 2012 356 528
Spatial data processing tools and applications for Black Sea catchment region 2012 345 77
A parallelization framework for calibration of hydrological models 2012 341 2
Delta-method applied to the temperature and precipitation time series - An example 2012 394 155
Software Platform Interoperability Throughout EnviroGRIDS Portal 2012 411 180
Are Swiss birds tracking climate change? 2011 466 400
Distributed Geocomputation for Modeling the Hydrology of the Black Sea Watershed 2011 329 527
Proposed land use scenario analysis, model input parameters and allocation rules 2011 545 158
Grid Based Data Processing Tools and Applications for Black Sea Catchment Basin 2011 315 143
Sharing Environmental Data through GEOSS 2011 434 1183
Grid-enabled Spatial Data Infrastructure for environmental sciences: Challenges and opportunities 2011 378 244
Projecting land use changes for Switzerland with the Business as Usual (BAU) scenario 2010 389 1118
Requirements and specifications for the development of BSC-OS Portal 2010 192 32
Effect of Classification Procedure on the Performance of Numerically Defined Ecological Regions 2010 274 2
Cartographie des milieux naturels dans le périmètre Vuache - Sion - Laire: étude pilote 2010 222 4
Warmer and richer? Predicting the impact of climate warming on species richness in small temperate waterbodies 2010 257 0
Spatial Predictions of Extreme Wind Speeds over Switzerland Using Generalized Additive Models 2010 327 158
Effects of sample and grid size on the accuracy and stability of regression-based snow interpolation methods 2010 233 0
Swiss Environmental Domains: A new spatial framework for reporting on the environment 2010 316 393
Database of useful data for SWAT modelling and report on data availability and quality for hydrological modelling and water quality modeling in the Black Sea Catchments 2010 211 608
Connecting the EnviroGRIDS Black Sea Catchment Observation System to ICZM 2009 286 110
Sample selection bias and presence-only distribution models: implications for background and pseudo-absence data 2009 611 2615
Strong Influence of Variable Treatment on the Performance of Numerically Defined Ecological Regions 2009 240 0
EnviroGRIDS interoperability guideline 2009 270 379
The Black Sea Catchment Observation System built on a grid-enabled Spatial Data Infrastructure 2009 277 152
EnviroGRIDS remote sensing data use and integration guideline 2009 231 427
Conservation of grasshopper diversity in a changing environment 2007 261 0
The prediction of macrophyte species occurrence in Swiss ponds 2006 298 10
Improving generalized regression analysis for the spatial prediction of forest communities 2006 232 0
Making better biogeographical predictions of species' distributions 2006 273 0
Multi-scale effect of landscape processes and habitat quality on newt abundance: Implications for conservation 2006 217 0
Using Niche-Based Models to Improve the Sampling of Rare Species 2006 230 0
Novel methods improve prediction of species' distributions from occurrence data 2006 403 1
PLOCH: a standardized method for sampling and assessing the biodiversity in ponds 2005 287 1
A spatio-temporal framework for efficient inventories of natural resources: A case study with submersed macrophytes 2004 224 1
Vegetation and peat characteristics in the development of lowland restiad peat bogs, North Island, New Zealand 2004 241 0
Spatial prediction of coral reef habitats: integrating ecology with spatial modeling and remote sensing 2004 257 0
GRASP: generalized regression analysis and spatial prediction 2002 321 1
Modeling spatial distribution of amphibian populations: a GIS approach based on habitat matrix permeability 2002 304 1
Information pyramids for informed biodiversity conservation 2002 207 1
Assessing New Zealand fern diversity from spatial predictions of species assemblages 2002 233 2
Macrobenthic invertebrate richness and composition along a latitudinal gradient of European glacier-fed streams 2001 265 1
Habitat Matrix Effects on Pond Occupancy in Newts 2001 696 0
Changes in the water quality of Lake Geneva indicated by submerged macrophytes 1999 285 1
GIS modeling of submerged macrophyte distribution using Generalized Additive Models 1998 248 0
Geographic information systems and remote sensing in aquatic botany 1997 231 0
A GIS approach of aquatic plant spatial heterogeneity in relation to sediment and depth gradients, Lake Geneva, Switzerland 1997 288 1
Morphological traits and spatial heterogeneity of aquatic plants along sediment and depth gradients, Lake Geneva, Switzerland 1997 306 4
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