Schmid, Patrick

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On the potential of a short-term intensive intervention to interrupt HCV transmission in HIV-positive men who have sex with men: A mathematical modelling study 2018 171 44
Mining for pairs: shared clinic visit dates identify steady HIV-positive partnerships 2017 28 0
Contribution of Genetic Background and Clinical Risk Factors to Low-Trauma Fractures in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-Positive Persons: The Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2016 51 28
Successful Prevention of Transmission of Integrase Resistance in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2016 58 15
Liver fibrosis in treatment-naïve HIV-infected and HIV/HBV co-infected patients: Zambia and Switzerland compared 2016 85 0
Switch to etravirine for HIV-positive patients receiving statin treatment: a prospective study 2015 133 0
Generation of a recombinant Gag virus-like-particle panel for the evaluation of p24 antigen detection by diagnostic HIV tests 2014 155 425
Obesity Trends and Body Mass Index Changes After Starting Antiretroviral Treatment: The Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2014 237 113
AIDS defining opportunistic infections in patients with high CD4 counts in the combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) era: things ain't what they used to be 2014 107 37
Decreasing mortality and changing patterns of causes of death in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2013 199 0
Hepatitis B virus infection is associated with impaired immunological recovery during antiretroviral therapy in the Swiss HIV cohort study 2013 213 1
Lung cancer in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study: role of smoking, immunodeficiency and pulmonary infection 2012 152 889
Longer term clinical and virological outcome of sub-Saharan African participants on antiretroviral treatment in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2012 187 0
Management of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in drug substitution programs 2011 223 208
Suicide in HIV-infected individuals and the general population in Switzerland, 1988-2008 2010 254 0
Outcomes of patients on dual-boosted PI regimens: experience of the Swiss HIV cohort study 2010 214 0
Infrequent replication of parvovirus B19 and erythrovirus genotypes 2 and 3 among HIV-infected patients with chronic anemia 2010 200 0
High prevalence of severe vitamin D deficiency in combined antiretroviral therapy-naive and successfully treated Swiss HIV patients 2010 204 2
Uptake of and virological response to antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected former and current injecting drug users and persons in an opiate substitution treatment programme: the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2009 186 0
2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) poisoning in Victor Yushchenko: identification and measurement of TCDD metabolites 2009 235 0
Impact of previous virological treatment failures and adherence on the outcome of antiretroviral therapy in 2007 2009 214 577
HLA-Bw4 homozygosity is associated with an impaired CD4 T cell recovery after initiation of antiretroviral therapy 2008 144 1
Lipodystrophy and weight changes: data from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, 2000-2006 2008 201 5
Swiss multicenter study evaluating the efficacy, feasibility and safety of peginterferon-alfa-2a and ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C in official opiate substitution programs 2008 138 2
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma incidence in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study before and after highly active antiretroviral therapy 2008 214 0
Reducing tuberculosis incidence by tuberculin skin testing, preventive treatment, and antiretroviral therapy in an area of low tuberculosis transmission 2007 193 1
Hypogonadism in HIV-1-infected men is common and does not resolve during antiretroviral therapy 2007 196 0
Factors associated with the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in HIV-infected participants in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study 2007 131 0
Eligibility for and outcome of hepatitis C treatment of HIV-coinfected individuals in clinical practice: the Swiss HIV cohort study 2006 141 0
Dose-dependent influence of didanosine on immune recovery in HIV-infected patients treated with tenofovir 2005 179 0
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