Perrin Franck, Caroline

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Learning From eHealth Implementations Through "Implementomics": A Multidimensional Annotation Model Applied to eHealth Projects of the RAFT Network 2019 224 91
Systematic review to identify proxy indicators to quantify the impact of eHealth tools on maternal and neonatal health outcomes in low-income and middle-income countries including Delphi consensus 2018 331 149
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Consensus standards for introductory e-learning courses in human participants research ethics 2014 523 0
Enhancing research capacity of African institutions through social networking 2013 181 23
Continuing distance education: a capacity-building tool for the de-isolation of care professionals and researchers 2013 747 124
Identifying gaps in health research and training in Africa: Designing online surveys for Cloud-oriented training 2013 179 2
Developing clinical skills using a virtual patient simulator in a resource-limited setting 2013 709 47
Der Nutzen der Schweizer Teilnahme im europäischen Projekt epSOS 2013 159 105
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