Gago Da Silva, Ana

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Daily gridded temperature and precipitation datasets over the Black Sea catchment: 1961–1990 and climate change scenarios for 2071–2100 2020 193 1
Spatial Dynamic Modelling of Future Scenarios of Land Use Change in Vaud and Valais, Western Switzerland 2017 540 180
Downscaling of land use, climate and demographic data 2017 370 38
A web platform for landuse, climate, demography, hydrology and beach erosion in the black sea catchment 2017 532 165
An independent and combined effect analysis of land use and climate change in the upper Rhone River watershed, Switzerland 2015 493 3
Hydrological impacts of climate and land-use changes in a mountain watershed: uncertainty estimation based on model comparison 2015 524 3
Climate and land-use change impacts on potential solar photovoltaic power generation in the Black Sea region 2015 1142 23
Future land-use change scenarios for the Black Sea catchment 2015 818 14
Streamflow response to regional climate model output in the mountainous watershed: a case study from the Swiss Alps 2014 550 5
Senstitivity of water balance components to environmental changes in a mountainous watershed: uncertainty assessment based on models comparison 2013 433 165
Delta-method applied to the temperature and precipitation time series - An example 2012 578 205
Proposed demographic scenario analysis and overview of driving forces and justification, model input parameters and allocation rules 2011 507 359
Proposed land use scenario analysis, model input parameters and allocation rules 2011 964 230
Projecting land use changes for Switzerland with the Business as Usual (BAU) scenario 2010 563 1154
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