Carrel, Jean-Pierre

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Allopurinol-induced oral lichenoid drug reaction with complete regression after drug withdrawal 2020 7 1
Influence of image-viewers and artifacts on implant length measurements in cone-beam computed tomography: an in vitro study 2016 155 0
Large Bone Vertical Augmentation Using a Three-Dimensional Printed TCP/HA Bone Graft: A Pilot Study in Dog Mandible 2016 333 207
A 3D printed TCP/HA structure as a new osteoconductive scaffold for vertical bone augmentation 2016 455 2
Medium-Term Function of a 3D Printed TCP/HA Structure as a New Osteoconductive Scaffold for Vertical Bone Augmentation: A Simulation by BMP-2 Activation 2015 222 141
Relevance of surgical management of patients affected by bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws. A prospective clinical and radiological study 2014 426 1
Maxillary sinus grafting with a synthetic, nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite-silica gel in humans: histologic and histomorphometric results 2014 472 2
Potential adverse events of endosseous dental implants penetrating the maxillary sinus: long-term clinical evaluation 2013 382 333
Accuracy of vertical height measurements on direct digital panoramic radiographs using posterior mandibular implants and metal balls as reference objects 2013 397 177
Long-term stability of osseointegrated implants in bone regenerated with a collagen membrane in combination with a deproteinized bovine bone graft: 5- year follow-up of 20 implants 2013 390 87
Anchorage of machined and TPS-coated dental implants of various lengths: An in vivo study in the dog maxilla 2013 429 230
Rehabilitation of the edentulous posterior maxilla after sinus floor elevation using deproteinized bovine bone: a 9-year clinical study 2012 316 185
Graft shrinkage and survival rate of implants after sinus floor elevation using a nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite embedded in silica gel matrix: a 1-year prospective study 2012 326 167
Reply to “Fatigue in bone: A novel phenomenon attributable to bisphosphonate use” 2010 446 1
Bisphosphonate-associated osteonecrosis of the jaw: a key role of inflammation? 2009 420 241
Ostéonécrose des maxillaires et bisphosphonates 2005 372 1
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