Enachescu, Cristian

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Cluster evolution in molecular three-dimensional spin-crossover systems 2017 86 0
Study of switching in spin transition compounds within the mechanoelastic model with realistic parameters 2016 151 0
Analysis of first order reversal curves in the thermal hysteresis of spin-crossover nanoparticles within the mechanoelastic model 2015 266 44
Light-induced spin-state switching in the mixed crystal series of the 2D coordination network {[Zn1−xFex(bbtr)3](BF4)2}: optical spectroscopy and cooperative effects 2014 289 1
Analysis of the Experimental Data for Pure and Diluted [FexZn1-x(bbtr)3](ClO4)2 Spin-Crossover Solids in the Framework of a Mechanoelastic Model 2013 219 1
Light-Induced Bistability in the 2D Coordination Network {[Fe(bbtr)3[BF4]2} : Wavelength-Selective Addressing of Molecular Spin States 2013 265 0
Thermal and Light-Induced Spin Switching Dynamics in the 2D Coordination Network of {[Zn1-xFex(bbtr)3](ClO4)2}∞ : The Role of Cooperative Effects 2012 259 0
Thermal hysteresis in spin-crossover compounds studied within the mechanoelastic model and its potential application to nanoparticles 2011 216 0
Study of the relaxation in diluted spin crossover molecular magnets in the framework of the mechano-elastic model 2011 254 0
Low-Spin→High-Spin Relaxation Dynamics in the Highly Diluted Spin-Crossover System [FexZn1−x(bbtr)3](ClO4)2 2011 195 0
Cluster evolution in spin crossover systems observed in the frame of a mechano-elastic model 2010 207 44
Significant variation of the singlet-quintet intersystem crossing rate constant in an iron(II) high-spin complex as a function of temperature 2010 210 0
Competition Between Photo-Excitation and Relaxation in Spin Crossover Complexes in The Frame of a Mechano-Elastic Model 2010 273 0
Model for Elastic Relaxation Phenomena in Finite 2D Hexagonal Molecular Lattices 2009 253 108
The interaction between the spin transition and a crystallographic phase transition in the spin-crossover compound [Fe(bbtr)3](ClO4)2: Nucleation, formation of domains and fluctuations 2008 198 155
Spin transition and relaxation dynamics coupled to a crystallographic phase transition in a polymeric iron(II) spin-crossover system 2008 241 141
Spin-crossover in cobalt(II) imine complexes 2007 347 464
Optical investigation of spin-crossover in cobalt(II) bis-terpy complexes 2007 333 270
Photoexcitation and Relaxation Dynamics of Catecholato-Iron(III) Spin-Crossover Complexes 2006 289 148
Low-temperature lifetimes of metastable high-spin states in spin-crossover and in low-spin iron(II) compounds: The rule and exceptions to the rule 2006 345 258
Thermal- and Photoinduced Spin-State Switching in an Unprecedented Three-Dimensional Bimetallic Coordination Polymer 2005 272 227
The quantum efficiency of the photo-excitation in a Fe(II) spin-crossover compound 2003 277 0
Photoexcitation in the Spin-Crossover Compound [Fe(pic)3]Cl2·EtOH (pic = 2-Picolylamine) 2002 295 274
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