Flukiger, René-Louis

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'Brick wall' or 'rail switch': the role of low-angle ab-axis grain boundaries in critical current of BSCCO tapes 1995 7 0
A model for the critical current in (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox silver-sheathed tapes 1993 55 1
A New Generation of In Situ Mg2 Wires With Improved Jc and Birr Values Obtained by Cold Densification (CHPD) 2011 248 0
Alternating magnetic field losses in high-Tc superconducting multifilament tapes with a mixed matrix of Ag and BaZrO3 1998 46 0
Alternative methods for the fabrication of Bi,Pb(2223) silver sheathed tapes 1995 58 0
Anisotropy of Jc in Ex Situ MgB2/Fe Monofilamentary Tapes 2005 229 0
Aspects of the current understanding of the supercurrent transport in (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 silver-sheathed Tapes—the "railway-switch" model 1995 62 1
BaZrO3: the solution for the crucible corrosion problem during the single crystal growth of high-Tc superconductors REBa2Cu3O7−δ; RE = Y, Pr 1995 119 0
Bi,Pb(2212) and Bi(2223) formation in the Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system 1993 87 0
Correlation between superconducting transition width and relaxation rates in various industrial Y123-coated conductors 2009 243 0
Correlation Between the Overall Tc Distribution in Bronze Route Nb3Sn Wires and the Sn Gradient in the Filaments 2008 239 0
Critical Current Anisotropy and Texture Gradients in ex situ MgB2/Fe Tapes 2007 241 0
Critical Current Anisotropy, Pinning Properties and Relaxation Rate of “Ex-situ” MgB2/Fe Tapes 2006 278 0
Critical current densities at 77 K and 4.2 K of Bi(2223) tapes prepared by cold and hot deformation 1995 102 0
Critical current density normal to the tape plane and current-transfer length of (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 silver-sheathed tapes 1995 66 0
Critical current of a rapid-quenched Nb3Al conductor under transverse compressive and axial tensile stress 2011 260 0
Critical currents in neutron irradiated Bi- and Tl-based tapes 1997 11 0
Current distributions in multi-filamentary HTS conductors 1998 10 0
Current distributions in multifilamentary conductors: the influence of intergrowths 1998 42 0
Deformation-induced texture in cold-rolled Ag sheathed Bi(2223) tapes 1995 25 0
Dependence of critical current densities in Chevrel phase superconducting wires on magnetic fields up to 25T 1995 22 0
Determination of the intragrain critical current density of the Bi(2223) phase inside Ag-sheathed tapes 1998 31 0
Determination of the texturing gradient in ex situ MgB2/Fe tapes examined by x-ray diffraction and its effects on the pinning force 2006 238 0
Development of Ag-Sheated Bi(2223) Tapes with Improved Microstructure and Homogeneity 1998 39 2
Development of Bi(2223) Multifilamentary Tapes with Low ac Losses 1998 13 0
Direct observation of Nb3Sn lattice deformation by high-energy x-ray diffraction in internal-tin wires subject to mechanical loads at 4.2 K 2012 266 1
Distribution of Tc from calorimetry and the determination of Sn gradients in bronze route Nb3Sn wires with an internal and external Ti source 2007 197 0
Distribution of the transport critical current density in Ag sheathed (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox tapes produced by rolling 1995 22 0
Effect of carbon impurities on Bi,Pb(2223) phase formation and critical current densities in silver-sheathed Bi,Pb(2223) tapes 1995 84 0
Effect of cold high pressure deformation on the properties of ex situ MgB2 wires 2013 254 0
Effect of controlled carbon impurities on Jc in Ag/Bi(2223) tapes 1994 64 0
Effect of quasi-hydrostatical radial pressure on Ic of Nb3Sn wires 2012 263 4
Effect of sintering time and temperature on superconducting properties of Chevrel phase wires made with micron-sized powder 1994 16 1
Effects of fluorine substitution in Tl(1223) tapes 1998 9 0
Effects of MnO additions on the formation of the (Bi,Pb) 2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10-y phase 1995 52 0
Enhanced Connectivity and Percolation in Binary and Doped In Situ MgB2 Wires After Cold High Pressure Densification 2011 251 0
Fabrication and microstructure of Bi(2223) multifilamentary tapes with low AC losses 1998 10 0
Factors determining the magnetic field generated by a solenoid made with a superconductor having critical current anisotropy 1995 116 0
Filament architectures in AC conductors: the influence of intergrowths 1998 57 0
Flux pinning enhancement by mechanical deformation in (Bi,Pb)₂Sr₂Ca₂Cu₃Ox 1993 88 1
Formation and superconducting properties of the (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10-y phase in bulk samples with oxide additions and in alloyed Ag-sheathed tapes 1995 25 1
Formation and upper critical fields of the two distinct A15 phases in the subelements of powder-in-tube Nb3Sn wires 2013 300 0
Formation mechanism of the Pb free Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 phase 1998 29 0
High critical current densities in Bi(2223)/Ag tapes 1992 88 0
Hot deformation effects on critical currents in (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox silver-sheathed tapes 1995 125 0
Improved critical current densities in B4C doped MgB2 based wires 2006 237 0
Improved transport properties and connectivity of in situ MgB2 wires obtained by Cold High Pressure Densification (CHPD) 2011 228 0
Improvement of electromechanical properties of an ITER internal tin Nb3Sn wire 2010 273 2111
Improvement of Jc by cold high pressure densification of binary, 18-filament in situ MgB2 wires 2011 249 0
Improvements in crystal growth and crystal homogeneity and its impact on physics 1998 56 0
Influence of specimen aspect ratio on low field maximum in magnetic hysteresis curves 1994 98 0
Investigation on the Effect of Ta Additions on Jc and n of (Nb, Ti)3Sn Bronze Processed Multifilamentary Wires at High Magnetic Fields 2007 261 0
Investigations on the formation mechanism of the Bi(2223) phase in bulk samples and Ag-sheathed tapes 1998 55 1
Limits on the critical current of BSCCO/Ag conductors 1995 71 0
Limits to the critical transport current in superconducting (Bi,Pb)₂Sr₂Ca₂Cu₃O₁₀ silver-sheathed tapes : the railway-switch model 1995 58 7
Low Critical Current Sensitivity of RHQT Nb3Al Wires Under Transverse Compressive Stress Up to 300 MPa 2011 232 1
Magnetization and Current Noise in Hg-1201 and Tl-1223 1998 27 2
Magnetization of BiSCCO(2223)-Ag tapes 1995 106 15
Measurement of the current density alinf the c-axis in silver sheated (Bi, Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox tapes 1994 109 0
Mechanism of Enhancement in Electromagnetic Properties of MgB2 by Nano SiC Doping 2007 237 0
Methods to produce Tl(1223) tapes with improved properties 1998 41 3
Microstructure and critical current density in Bi,Pb(2223) tapes 1995 78 0
Microstructure, composition and critical current density of superconducting Nb3Sn wires 2008 275 0
Microstructure, resistivity and critical currents of Ag-Bi/Pb(2223) tapes 1993 51 0
Microstructure, thermodynamics and critical current densities in Bi,Pb(2223) tapes 1995 98 0
Multifilamentary Bi(2223) tapes: phase formation, current distribution and AC Losses 1998 10 0
Non-invasive Hall probe measurements of the lateral current distribution in BSCCO/Ag conductors 1995 70 0
Non-linear magnetic response of MgB2 bulk superconductors 2004 227 0
On the magnetic behavior of BSCCO(2223) Ag tapes 1995 114 0
Optimization of Nb3Sn and MgB2 wires 2008 251 0
Optimization of the preparation parameters of monofilamentary Bi(2223) tapes and the effect of the rolling pressure on jc 1995 6 0
Phase coexistence and critical temperatures of the (Bi, Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox phase under partial pressures of oxygen between 10−3 and 0.21 bar with and without additions of silver 1997 54 11
Phase Formation and Grain Growth Kinetics of High-Tc Superconducting Tl-1223 Ceramics 1998 33 4
Phase Formation, Composition and Tc Distribution of Binary and Ta-allowed Nb3Sn Wires Produced by Various Techniques 2012 313 1
Pinning activation energies and the effect of cold deformation on critical currents in Bi(Pb)2223 1995 4 0
Preparation and physical characterization of Tl(1223) tapes with Jc (77K, 0T) > 10 kA/cm² 1995 53 0
Preparation by in-situ reaction and physical characterization of Ag(Au) and Ag(Pd) sheathed (Tl, Pb, Bi) (Sr, Ba)2Ca2Cu3O9−δ tapes 1995 89 0
Preparation of High-Purity Tl(1223) Ceramics 1998 29 1
Pressed and cold rolled Ag-sheathed Bi(2223) tapes 1993 23 0
Processing of classical and high Tc superconducting wires 1993 78 0
Reduced filament coupling in Bi(2223)/BaZrO3/Ag composite tapes 1998 40 0
Reducing ac losses of Bi(2223) multifilamentary tapes by oxide barriers 1998 41 0
Self-field effect and current distribution in Bi(2223) tapes at 77 K 1995 23 0
Simultaneous Addition of B4C+SiC to MgB2 Wires and Consequences for Jc and Birr 2007 238 0
Specific Heat and Magnetic Relaxation Analysis of MgB2 Bulk Samples With and Without Additives 2007 236 0
Specific heat of Nb3Sn wires 2006 281 1
Specific Heat, A Method to Determine the Tc Distribution in Industrial Nb3Sn Wires Prepared by Various Techniques 2007 334 1
Stress distribution and lattice distortions in Nb3Sn multifilament wires under uniaxial tensile loading at 4.2 K 2014 201 1
Strong enhancement of Jc and Birr in binary in situ MgB2 wires after cold high pressure densification 2009 261 0
Studies of the Bi(2223) phase formation mechanism in Pb substituted and Pb free bulk samples and in Ag sheathed tapes 1998 38 0
Superconducting and crystallographic properties of Bi,Pb(2212) 1994 89 0
Synthesis and properties of fluorine-doped Tl(1223): bulk materials and Ag-sheathed tapes 1998 43 0
Technical aspects of cold high pressure densification (CHPD) on long lengths of In Situ MgB2 wires with enhanced Jc values 2011 173 1
TEM study of the (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox phase formation in (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3Ox silver-sheathed tapes 1998 47 0
Textured Tl(1223)/Ag tapes prepared by electrophoretic deposition 1998 38 2
The "railway-switch" model for (Bi,Pb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 silver-sheathed tapes 1995 60 0
The case of Bi(2223) tapes 1998 35 0
The enhanced Jc and Birr of in situ MgB2 wires and tapes alloyed with C4H6O5 (malic acid) after cold high pressure densification 2009 261 0
The influence of carbon impurities on Jc in Ag/Bi(2223) tapes 1992 76 0
Third Harmonic Susceptibility and Pinning Properties of Fe/MgB2 Tapes 2005 229 0
Transport and magnetisation measurements of Bi2223/Ag tapes and the role of granularity on critical current limitation 1995 86 0
Transport properties and exponential n-values of Fe/MgB2 tapes with various MgB2 particle sizes 2004 272 0
Transport properties of (BiPb)2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 textured tapes in the mixed state 1995 133 60
Transport Properties of a PIT-Nb3Sn Strand Under Transverse Compressive and Axial Tensile Stress 2008 209 0
Transport properties of long monofilamentary Bi(2223) tapes 1995 19 0
Upper critical fields well above 100 T for the superconductor SmFeAsO0.85F0.15 with Tc=46 K 2008 240 90
Variation of (Jc/Jc0)max of Binary and Ternary Alloyed RRP and PIT Nb3Sn Wires Exposed to Fast Neutron Irradiation at Ambient Reactor Temperature 2013 265 0
Variation of Tc, lattice parameter and atomic ordering in Nb3Sn platelets irradiated with 12MeV protons: correlation with the number of induced Frenkel defects 2017 88 0
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